Wednesday, 14th June, 2017

Reading, Berkshire

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Welcome to COCCO…

COCCO Will be a gathering of thought leaders and practitioners willing to share their insights to help you.

Experts in social media, workforce management, data security and many other areas, will help guide you into the new era of professionalised, profitable contact centres. We look forward to welcoming you.

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Your contact centre is changing and you need to keep up. The industry has smartened itself up and professionalised over the last few years; the negative coverage might still be out there but it’s a very different place from the sweatshops making unsolicited calls you might read about from time to time.

The agenda

COCCO will be a gathering of thought leaders and practitioners willing to share their insights to help you.

The attendees…

Experts in expanding contact centres into social media, managing a remote workforce, data security and many other areas will help guide you into the new era of professionalised, profitable contact centres.

Our speakers


Peter Ryan, Principal, Ryan Strategic Advisory

Peter has been at the forefront of contact center services market advisory for over a decade..


Guy Clapperton, Editor, Professional Outsourcing

Guy Clapperton is editor of Professional Outsourcing Magazine & author of ‘This is Social Media’…

Sharon Field, MD and Founder of Fortalis Ltd

Her experience covers operational management and centralized services; working at the strategic and…


Adam Chester, Head of Economics, Lloyds Bank

Vast experience in finance, Adam Chester is now Head of Economics and Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking…

Our panelists


Simon Foot, Development Director, Ember Services

‘Simon has spent 20 years working in Customer centric roles. Simon Joined Ember in 2012…’

ABurgess BW300

Andrew Burgess, Director, 

Strategic advisor of disruptive forces such as AI, RPA and legal transformation…

Sarah BurnettCr

Sarah Burnett, VP of research, Everest Group

Sarah serves European clients across Everest Group’s global services…

Conference for Outsourcing Contact Centre Operations

Outsourcing: The future of work for contact centres and contact centre workers

Anyone responsible for contact centre operations, needs to be at this conference

You will have people wanting to work from home and you’ll need the tool, both technical and managerial, to deal with them. You will have clients demanding that you share best practice with them so you’ll need a means of gathering and expressing this the very best from your colleagues. You will have a stronger and more profitable organisation as a result – and this event will help.

Topics of discussion

The day will be divided into keynote presentations and shared knowledge hubs. Hosted by Guy Clapperton, the subjects will include…

Social media Is it in your contract yetN

Social media: Is it in your contract yet?

Your client’s customer calls you and they’re annoyed. They’ve been Web chatting, which you knew. They’ve also been Facebooking and Tweeting, which you didn’t. So how do you persuade your client to let you loose on the social media feeds as well?

How do you manage the home workerN

How do you manage the home worker?

Take a look at an empty chair. That’s what a home worker looks like – they’re not in your contact centre so you can’t use your old management techniques. So do you automate, build trust, go back to recruiting different people?

Customer engagement and experienceN

Customer engagement and experience

Surveys from BT and elsewhere have shown that customers feel they call contact centres and it doesn’t change the organisation. So what are the best ways and the best media for making them feel truly engaged and as if they have a stake in the client’s organisation?

The digital world Rise of the robots (2)N

The digital world: Rise of the robots?

Robotic process automation (RPA) is great because it eliminates the tedious, repetitive jobs that nobody really wanted to do. Only, a lot of contact centre work is precisely that – so how do we re-skill and re-enthuse a workforce that thinks it’s being motivated out of a job?

Contracting for your contactsN2

Contracting for your contacts

How many of your operatives are paid to come in and sit in a specific chair for an amount of time – and wouldn’t it be better if they and you were paid for successful outcomes? Business is moving that way – come to our event and find out how.

Data security in the new environmentN

Data security in the new environment

Home working, automation, extra channels…now, where did we put the key? There are huge opportunities but also data risks as the new contact centre landscape emerges. At our event we will explore how to mitigate those risks.

Rightshoring Locating your businessN

Rightshoring: Locating your business

Everything is electronic and a lot is cloud based at the moment but location is still important. Should you prioritise real estate prices, available skill sets or some other criteria? Our event will help clarify the issues.

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